HDPE Pipes


HDPE Pipe Description

HDPE Pipes are extremely useful and very well known in industrial water applications for a long time. As the Piping material HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is durable and tough to survive job site installations. These unique performance properties make it useful for different construction techniques and a broad range of applications. HDPE pipes are eco-friendly as HDPE can be melting and reforming. Our HDPE pipes are fabricate using modern technology and improvising high quality factor ingredients which have enabled us to attain the satisfaction of our users and attain a position of repute in the field. Our HDPE pipes are safer due to operating pressure capacities, Excellent insulating quality with minimum heat transfer, highly resistant of corrosion, Chemicals which makes it fits according to users need and expectations. HDPE coil pipes are designed as per as industry standards, and they are known for their durability and high tensile strength. HDPE pipes are in great demand due to their features and cost effectiveness. These features including high strength to density ratio, which makes them suitable for underground applications where vibration are common. Installation of these pipes is very easy and smooth. They are strong, transportable and easily replaceable.

Check Wall Thickness as per IS:4984-2016

Applications of HDPE Pipes